2017 Global Encryption Trends Study

2017 Global Encryption Trends Study

Embrace an Enterprise-wide Encryption Strategy

We’ve entered a time when the conveniences of widespread connectivity, including the cloud, have put us at more risk than ever of getting hacked. When data does fall into the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating. High-profile data breaches and Ransomware Attacks have organizations and individuals on red alert for the best ways to safeguard their data and networks, both now and for the future.

The purpose of this research is to examine how the use of encryption has evolved over the past 12 years and the impact of this technology on the security posture of organizations. The first encryption trends study was conducted in 2005 for a U.S. sample of respondents. Since then, the scope of the research has expanded to include respondents in all regions of the world.

The research considers the threats organizations face and how encryption is being used to reduce these risks. Mega breaches and cyber-attacks have increased companies’ urgency to improve their security posture. This is reflected in this year’s findings as more companies embrace an enterprise wide encryption strategy-which has increased from 15 percent in FY05 to 41 percent in FY16.

Rating on the overall impact, risk and cost associated with Managing Keys


The report captures how organizations around the world are dealing with compliance, increased threats and the implementation of encryption to protect their most sensitive data.

“Compliance remains the top driver for Encryption, however it is followed by a close margin by IP protection, customer information protection, and protection from external threats.”

This report provides in-depth information about the evolving role of encryption as a part of an overall data protection strategy, and how its use results in an improved security posture for today’s organizations.

Key Statistics:

  • 48% Use Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) on-premise to help secure cloud applications
  • 54% Rate employee mistakes as the most significant threat to sensitive data
  • 41% Have a consistent encryption strategy

Trends in Encryption Strategy

Download this E-Book and learn about the encryption trends and challenges, encryption adoption rates in different countries and vertical industries, and a wide range of enterprise and cloud-based use cases for encryption and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).


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