Stay one step ahead with Symantec

The cyber-security threat landscape has changed and so have the technologies used to defend against it. What has failed to evolve until now, however, is the enterprise’s ability to plan for and react to this ever-shifting concern. You need to be able to keep the business safe and stick to your budgets without having to predict and count every last SSL/TLS certificate long before you need it.

Website security affects the reputation and operation of virtually every organization, but with hacks and breaches never out of the news, it’s clear that a faster, more reliable response is needed. With website hacks like Ashley Madison hitting the headlines, SSL/TLS expiry causing problems for giants like Google and Microsoft, and DDoS attacks big enough to take down the BBC, it’s clear that organizations of every kind need to pay much closer attention to website security.

The negative publicity of a website security failure isn’t even the worst of it. The total average cost of a data breach has increased by 23 percent over the last two years thanks to the increasing complexity of attacks.

This evolving threat landscape demands an evolved response.

This whitepaper will help you find a comprehensive solution to all your website security needs.

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