Privacy and Safety: How SSL Certificates Empower Your Business

Privacy and Safety: How SSL Certificates Empower Your Business

Differentiate Yourself From Thousand Others

There are many benefits of a SSL certificate, both for the merchant who wants to secure the customers personal information and payments, and for the buyer who wants assurance that transactions on the website will be secure. The Secure Socket Layer protocol, or SSL, was developed by Netscape and ensures the security of transactions that take place between the web server and browser. If you are wondering about the magnitude of its important for your business, here are some of its other benefits:

It Helps To Gain Customers:
Not all merchants have an SSL certificate, and those who do, are able to attract more customers. You can use your SSL certificate as an advertising tool to gain a competitive edge.

Helps Instill Confidence:
If your business website has a SSL certificate, you can confidently guarantee your customers safe and secure transactions, essentially providing them material assurance, which leads to peace of mind for customers when conducting transactions on your website. An SSL certificate ensures that the data is encrypted before it is sent and cannot be read by anyone other than the intended merchant

Prevents Against Fraud:

Websites that employ a SSL certificate usually have URLs that begin with “https” rather than “http”. Such websites help prevent fraud. By using an SSL certificate, you not only take the first step towards empowering your customers with a secure transaction, but also help discourage and contain fraud. It also helps to portray a trustful business image and help any merchant to gain respect in the online community. 

How Symantec Embodies the Six Golden Rules:

QUALITY: Symantec has never suffered a major SSL/TLS certificate breach. Symantec offers elliptic curve
cryptography (ECC) 256-bit with a low encryption footprint.

SECURITY: With Symantec’s SSL Assistant Plus, Symantec has simplified the experience of setting up encryption and delivering security. The tool automates proper configuration andcuts the time it takes to set up encryption.

MANAGEMENT: Symantec offers a management console for lifecycle management of SSL/TLS
certificates and also offers an API for customized needs.

EASE OF USE: The purchasing, installation, and maintenance of SSL/TLS certificates is easy with universal support for leading browsers and multiple server OS, possess the fastest OCSP load times and has an automated renewal process.

INTEGRATION: Symantec Managed PKI for SSL Service can be integrated with a corporate directory to populate certificate meta-data, select andenforce certificate and application policies, and publish issued certificates.

TRUST: Vendors have long understood the power of the Norton Secured Seal. Of the 100 largest financial institutions, 94 are secured by Symantec SSL certificates. 

Using an SSL certificate helps your business in many ways such as those mentioned above. Not only can you differentiate yourself from the thousands others on the online web as a trusted and secure website for transactions, but also gain customer trust and respect. These are important elements to make a loyal customer and if you are able to win them once, you can be sure they will keep coming back to you. This ultimately helps in gaining business power and encourage empowerment of the corresponding business.

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