TechTalk: Securing your Mobile Environment

TechTalk: Securing your Mobile Environment

The convergence of information and communication technology in a singular intelligent mobile device has the advantage of giving the user global and easy access to information, collaboration and communication. Unfortunately, this access also brings with it an increased security risk.

Many security professionals feel mobile security has generally lagged behind other forms of cyber security with little or nothing being done to protect organisational remote access and data access through mobile devices. The office and all its data is basically being carried around with the user. If these devices are not secured and managed the result could be the same as allowing anyone random access to your offices and company information.

Securing the mobile device

Privacy and security is needed at all layers of technology but the security mechanisms of  mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are not always able to deal with the ever changing emergent trend of information theft through malicious attacks.

New areas of security and privacy now need to be covered, including:

  • The mobile device (mobile endpoint)
  • The mobile networks
  • The management of mobile identity
  • Credential privacy
  • Machine to machine communications

Potential risks when using a mobile device include theft, the compromise of confidential data, corporate network breeches and the cost of replacing the device and restoring the data. That’s exactly what is happening in many of the most egregious examples of corporate network breaches; a rogue user gains access to the intranet, and goes cherry-picking for customer data or other valuable information with no internal resistance.

If you’re thinking that more firewalls can stop the problem, you’re wrong… and right. Hardware-based firewalls will only protect your physical network from the outside-in. What they don’t do is protect your network once someone gets past the firewall. In a virtualized network, however, enterprises can deploy hundreds or thousands of logical firewalls that prevent a rogue agent from going “room to room” (or virtual machine to virtual machine) in search of valuable information. This process is called microsegmentation, and it’s quickly becoming a security best practice for industries, particularly in banking and healthcare where customer data commands a premium on the black market.

Microsegmentation not only prevents malicious intruders from accessing valuable data, but it can also prevent them from gaining access to your network in the first place. In the case of VMware NSX, when integrated with AirWatch, enterprises can create single-use VPNs built around user and resource-specific policies.

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